About Me


I’m a part-time blogger and SEO professional with over 5+ years of experience.

I launched ANISHKUMARSINGH.NET on Oct 17, 2023. 

I’m Anish Kumar Singh from India, and on this blogging website, I aim to provide SEO tips, SEO Tools Reviews, and marketing tips.

Who I Am?

My name is Anish Kumar Singh, and I am 26 years old. I completed my graduation (BCA) from Kadi University, Gujarat, Gandhinagar in 2018. Basically, I’m from Bihar, but currently live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

I moved here for the purpose of studying and finding job opportunities and currently, I am working with Fortune Digital Innovation as a Content Strategy and SEO Team Lead since 2022.

Additionally, I won a software development competition during my college days, as shown below.

After completing my studies, I decided to pursue a career in the field of SEO. It’s an incredibly interesting subject, and I enjoy it because I get to learn something new every day.

I have worked with many clients from around the world, including the USA, UK, India, Germany, and Denmark.

Before starting this blogging website, I dedicated time to learning about blogging and SEO. After gaining valuable knowledge, I decided to start blogging part-time to share my expertise with aspiring SEO professionals who are looking to build their careers in SEO and digital marketing.

My inspiration came from influential SEO bloggers such as Anil Agarwal and Shatish K Kushwaha.

This led me to create my own website, “anishkumarsingh.net,” where I aim to provide SEO tips, digital marketing insights, content marketing strategies, SEO tools, and social media tips.

But why did I start this website?

Well, after working in the field for 5 years, I have gathered a wealth of experience that I am passionate about sharing with others who are looking to build their careers in SEO.

Despite the high competition in the blogging world today, I believe in myself and my ability to provide valuable content to my audience.



In my career as an SEO professional, I faced many challenges in digital marketing and SEO. From these experiences, I gained valuable experience. I didn’t want others to face similar problems in their careers, so I started this blog.

On this blogging website, you’ll learn everything about SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing, WordPress plugins, Link Building, and Social Media tips. These resources can help you learn and enhance your knowledge.

While there are many SEO books and videos available for learning, I believe that practical work is essential to mastering SEO because SEO is an experiment.

That’s all about me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hello@anishkumarsingh.net or message me on LinkedIn.

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