Digitad: Everything You Need To Know About

Have you ever thought about how some businesses always seem to be the first thing you see online? Well, I did, and that’s how I stumbled upon Digitad.

This company is all about making sure businesses shine in the digital space.

From boosting your spot in search results to crafting ads that catch your eye on social media, Digitad does it all.

What caught my attention is how they tailor their services to fit any business size, making the online world a bit more accessible for everyone.

In this blog, I will discuss everything you need to know about Digitad.

What is Digitad?

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Digitad is a digital marketing agency founded by Jérémie in 2015. It specializes in leveraging digital channels for maximizing client potential, with services including SEO, SEM, online advertising, web presence optimization, and content development.

The agency also emphasizes training teams in digital marketing skills. Over the years, Digitad has grown by welcoming partners and expanding its services, now operating under the unified banner of Intégral with entities like Osmose, Frank, and La Fusée.

Quick Overview:

  • Company Name: Digitad
  • Services: Digital marketing including SEO, SEM, online advertising, and content development.
  • Years of Experience: 9 Years.
  • Location: 5605 Avenue de Gaspé Suite 703, Montréal, QC H2T 2A4.
  • Working Time: Monday-Thursday: 7.00h – 23.00h Friday: 7.00h – 13.00h

Why Choose Digitad?

Why pick Digitad? Well, it’s like choosing a buddy who knows everything about the online world. They’re not just about using the latest tools and strategies; they also really get what businesses need to stand out on the web.

Digitad team is filled with experts who are certified and skilled in various aspects of digital marketing.

Why Choose Digitad
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I mean they’re well-equipped to handle everything from improving your website’s search ranking to creating ads that really speak to your audience.

By partnering with Digitad, you’re choosing a path that could lead to more visibility and engagement for your business online.

Digitad Services

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Content Marketing

Pricing Model

Below, I have listed all their packages for each service. You can easily understand their packages.

SEO Pricing Packages

Digitad offers three SEO pricing packages designed for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises:

  1. Professional
  2. Premium
  3. Customized

Each package varies by the number of targeted topics, amount of on-site and off-site content provided monthly, and the extent of technical optimizations.

  • The Professional and Premium packages offer services in English or French, keyword research, website technical audits, and dedicated consulting sessions.
  • The Customized package allows for more tailored services, including languages, targeted topics, and consulting sessions to be defined based on specific needs.

PPC Pricing Packages

Digitad offers three PPC pricing packages for Google Ads, namely Professional, Premium, and Customized.

  • The Professional package is for monthly ad spends up to $2,500, offering campaign updates, retargeting, and dedicated consulting sessions.
  • The Premium package caters to ad spends between $2,500 and $5,000, featuring more frequent updates and additional consulting time.
  • The Customized package allows for a tailored ad spend and services approach, with details to be defined based on specific business needs. Each package includes options for language, platform choice, and campaign optimization features.

Display Advertising Packages

Digitad offers three display advertising packages: Professional, Premium, and Customized.

The Professional package is suited for monthly ad spends between $500 and $2,500, while the Premium caters to ad spends up to $5,000, offering more frequent campaign updates and additional consulting hours.

The Customized package is tailored to specific needs, including ad spend, languages, and consulting sessions.

Each package provides options for the platform used, including Google Display Network, Programmatic, or DOOH, and includes campaign optimization and management features.

Social Packages

Digitad offers three Paid Social packages designed for effective social media advertising across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

  • The Professional package is aimed at monthly ad spends up to $2,500 and includes monthly campaign updates and two hours of consulting each month.
  • The Premium package increases the budget to between $2,500 and $5,000, offering more frequent updates and additional consulting time.
  • The Customized package provides tailored solutions, including the choice of platforms and consulting sessions, for those with specific needs beyond the predefined packages.

Case Studies: Success Stories from Digitad Clients

The StoreFront case study by Digitad outlines the strategy and results of their campaign for a UK-based startup that offers an app for beauty professionals.

Case Studies Success Stories from Digitad Clients
Image Source: Digitad

Through meticulous market research, audience targeting, engaging content creation, and continuous testing and iteration, Digitad achieved significant results.

Case Studies Success Result of Digitad
Image Source: Digitad

They generated 133 leads, a 71% growth, over 334,000 impressions on Facebook, and 244 e-book downloads. This case study exemplifies the successful acquisition of new clients and increased brand visibility for StoreFront.

Digitad Testimonials

Digitad Testimonials
Image Source: Digitad


Above, I have discussed everything about Digitad. I hope you now understand. If you are from Canada and you are looking for good SEO or social media services, then Digitad is perfect for you. If you have any questions, you can contact them at +1 (438) 601-4716.

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