99+ Guest Post Search Queries 2024

Why are bloggers and website owners talking about guest posting backlinks in 2024?

As we all know, guest posting isn’t new in the field of SEO, but it is a more powerful activity to build backlinks in 2024 and drive traffic.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that by using the guest posting method you can introduce your voice to a broader audience, build meaningful connections within your industry, and significantly impact your site’s visibility on search engines.

This isn’t just about finding any guest posting opportunities it’s about finding the right ones that align with your goals, audience, and brand values.

In this blog, I am going to provide a comprehensive list of guest post search queries that will help you to find out right guest posting sites in your niche.

The Comprehensive List of Guest Post Queries

Below, I have listed some of the most popular guest post search queries that can help you choose high authority and niche-specific guest posting sites.

  1. “write for us” + [your niche]
  2. “guest post” + [your niche]
  3. “submit a guest post” + [your niche]
  4. “become a contributor” + [your niche]
  5. “guest article” + [your niche]
  6. “contributing writer” + [your niche]
  7. “submit blog post” + [your niche]
  8. “accepting guest posts” + [your niche]
  9. “guest post guidelines” + [your niche]
  10. “looking for guest bloggers” + [your niche]
  11. “write for me” + [your niche]
  12. “contribute to our site” + [your niche]
  13. “submit content” + [your niche]
  14. “guest blogging opportunities” + [your niche]
  15. “submit article” + [your niche]
  16. “guest posting guidelines” + [your niche]
  17. “submit your post” + [your niche]
  18. “guest author” + [your niche]
  19. “submit guest post” + [your niche]
  20. “submit a post” + [your niche]
  21. “write for our readers” + [your niche]
  22. “looking for contributors” + [your niche]
  23. “accepting guest articles” + [your niche]
  24. “submit your guest post” + [your niche]
  25. “write for our blog” + [your niche]
  26. “become an author” + [your niche]
  27. “guest blog post” + [your niche]
  28. “submit an article” + [your niche]
  29. “guest posting sites” + [your niche]
  30. “become a guest blogger” + [your niche]
  31. “guest bloggers wanted” + [your niche]
  32. “submit your article” + [your niche]
  33. “accepting guest contributions” + [your niche]
  34. “guest post by” + [your niche]
  35. “submit blog post” + [your niche]
  36. “write for our website” + [your niche]
  37. “looking for guest posts” + [your niche]
  38. “submit a guest article” + [your niche]
  39. “guest posting opportunities” + [your niche]
  40. “write for our readership” + [your niche]
  41. “submit your blog post” + [your niche]
  42. “write for us as a guest writer” + [your niche]
  43. “guest author guidelines” + [your niche]
  44. “submit an article for publication” + [your niche]
  45. “guest post submission” + [your niche]
  46. “write for our blog as a guest” + [your niche]
  47. “guest posting rules” + [your niche]
  48. “submit your writing” + [your niche]
  49. “write for our audience” + [your niche]
  50. “guest blogging sites” + [your niche]
  51. “submit guest article” + [your niche]
  52. “write for our site as a contributor” + [your niche]
  53. “guest blog submission” + [your niche]
  54. “submit a guest post opportunity” + [your niche]
  55. “write for our blog audience” + [your niche]
  56. “guest contributor guidelines” + [your niche]
  57. “submit an article to be published” + [your niche]
  58. “write for us guest post” + [your niche]
  59. “guest post writer” + [your niche]
  60. “submit a guest blog post” + [your niche]
  61. “write for our blog readers” + [your niche]
  62. “guest blogging guidelines” + [your niche]
  63. “submit an article to our site” + [your niche]
  64. “write for us as a guest blogger” + [your niche]
  65. “guest posting opportunities in [your niche]”
  66. “submit guest post for publication” + [your niche]
  67. “write for our website audience” + [your niche]
  68. “guest blog post submission” + [your niche]
  69. “submit a guest article for our blog” + [your niche]
  70. “write for our blog as a contributor” + [your niche]
  71. “guest posting sites for [your niche]”
  72. “submit your guest blog post” + [your niche]
  73. “write for us guest blogging” + [your niche]
  74. “guest post contributor” + [your niche]
  75. “submit a guest blog post opportunity” + [your niche]
  76. “write for our blog as a guest writer” + [your niche]
  77. “guest post writer guidelines” + [your niche]
  78. “submit an article for guest posting” + [your niche]
  79. “write for our site as a guest contributor” + [your niche]
  80. “guest blogging opportunities in [your niche]”
  81. “submit guest post for our readers” + [your niche]
  82. “write for our blog as a guest author” + [your niche]
  83. “guest post submission guidelines” + [your niche]
  84. “submit a guest post for our audience” + [your niche]
  85. “write for our blog as a guest blogger” + [your niche]
  86. “guest post submission guidelines in [your niche]”
  87. “submit an article for guest blogging” + [your niche]
  88. “write for our site as a guest writer” + [your niche]
  89. “guest post submission requirements” + [your niche]
  90. “submit a guest article for publication” + [your niche]
  91. “write for our blog as a contributing writer” + [your niche]
  92. “guest post submission guidelines for [your niche]”
  93. “submit guest post for our blog readers” + [your niche]
  94. “write for our site as a guest author” + [your niche]
  95. “guest post submission rules” + [your niche]
  96. “submit a guest blog post for publication” + [your niche]
  97. “write for our blog as a guest contributor” + [your niche]
  98. “guest post submission guidelines in [your niche]”
  99. “submit an article for guest posting opportunities” + [your niche]
  100. “write for our site as a guest blogger” + [your niche]

Understanding Guest Posting and Its SEO Benefits

Ever thought about writing a guest blog post for someone else’s site? That’s what guest posting is all about.

At its simplest, it involves writing content for another website or blog to build backlinks and it helps you enhance your website’s search engine ranking, build your brand, and establish authority in your field.

Anyway, let’s break down why guest posting is so beneficial and how it can elevate your online presence.

  • Increases audience reach beyond your existing base, enhancing visibility.
  • Encourages the development of backlinks, improving SEO performance.
  • Elevates your site’s perceived trust and expertise within its field.
  • Drives potential customers to your site, improving lead generation.
  • Enhances search engine positioning through quality backlinks from authoritative sites.
  • Boosts referral traffic from high-traffic platforms.
  • Targets audiences already interested in your niche, improving conversion chances.
  • Raises your brand’s credibility by association with reputable platforms.

Advanced Search Queries for More Targeted Results

To refine your search and find more targeted opportunities, consider using advanced search operators with your queries.

Advanced Search Queries to find Out Guest Posting Sites
  • inurl:guest-post + [your niche/keyword]
  • intitle:guest post guidelines + [your niche/keyword]
  • “submit guest post” + inurl:blog + [your niche/keyword]
  • “write for us” + inurl:contributor + [your niche/keyword]
  • intext:”accepting guest posts” + [your niche/keyword]
  • “guest post” + site:.edu + [your niche/keyword] (for academic or educational content)
  • “guest post” + site:.gov + [your niche/keyword] (for government-related content)

Niche-Specific Guest Posting Queries

  • For Technology: “tech guest post” + [your keyword]
  • For Health and Wellness: “write for us” health + [your keyword]
  • For Finance: “finance guest contributors” + [your keyword]
  • For Marketing: “marketing write for us” + [your keyword]
  • For Education: “education guest posts wanted” + [your keyword]

Google Search Operator for Guest Posting

Below, I have listed a few operators that allow you to filter and refine your search results with precision, ensuring that you find the most relevant guest posting opportunities.

Quotes (“”)

To search for an exact phrase or sequence of words, ensuring the search results contain that specific phrase without any variation.

Example: “submit guest post” will return pages that contain this exact phrase, helping to find websites that explicitly invite guest posts.

Guest Post Search Operator


Targets search to find pages with specific words in their titles, which is useful for identifying posts or pages announcing guest post opportunities.

Example: intitle:”guest post”

Intitle Guest Post Search Queries


Focuses the search on URLs containing specified keywords, ideal for discovering pages dedicated to guest posting.

Example: inurl:submit-guest-post

Inurl Guest Post Search Queires


Searches for exact words within the body of a webpage, helping to find pages that mention guest posting guidelines or invitations explicitly in their content.

Example: intext:”anish kumar singh”

Intext Guest Post Search Operators

Combining operators can narrow down your search to exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, you might use site:example.com + intitle:”guest post” + “your niche” to find guest posting pages on a specific website relevant to your niche.

Google Search Operator Guest Post

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Guest Posting

  • Ineffective Pitching: Ensure your pitch is unique and well-researched to capture the host blog’s interest.
  • Poor Content Quality: Produce engaging, error-free content that offers real value to readers.
  • Ignoring SEO Best Practices: Optimize your post for search engines with relevant keywords and links.
  • Overlooking Author Bio: Use your bio to highlight your expertise and include a link to your blog.
  • Failing to Promote the Post: Share your guest post on social media and other platforms to maximize its reach.
  • Not Engaging with Readers: Respond to comments on your guest post to build relationships and demonstrate commitment.

Final Thoughts

Using the above guest posting search queries, you can easily find your targeted niche guest posting sites list, which can help you publish your content on the right sites. If you are looking for high-authority guest posting sites, then you should use the above search operators.

If you have a new site and you want to build backlinks, then first, you should establish foundational backlinks before investing time in guest posting.

Foundational backlinks, such as profile creation, image submission, video submission, and directory submission, are activities that can instantly boost your website traffic on SERPs. Afterward, you can proceed with guest posting for backlinks.

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